Water Plan

The Chisago County Water Plan Policy Team is proud to make available the Local Water Management Plan (Water Plan) for your review: Chisago County Local Water Management Plan 2013-2023 and corresponding Water Plan Implementation Schedule.  Note: This file is quite large and may take awhile to download depending on your connection speed.

The Chisago County Board of Commissioners approved the Chisago SWCD Resolution No. 2017-04-01 Local Water Resources Riparian Protection in Chisago County as an addendum to the Local Water Management Plan on June 6, 2018. 

New One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) Planning Process

On January 18, 2017, the Chisago County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to support a Lower St. Croix Watershed, One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) Implementation Framework Project.  Through the 1W1P process, Counties, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and Watershed Management Organizations within the Lower St. Croix watershed are working together to develop a new watershed based management plan with basin-wide priorities and goals.  Funding will be available through the Minnesota Board of Soil & Water Resources to implement the priorities and goals identified in the plan.

In 2017, local entities within the Lower St. Croix Watershed developed a Work Plan, project budget and timeline to develop the new watershed based plan.  There are several committees identified in the Work Plan that will meet to develop a draft plan and make final plan recommendations.  Over the next two years, the various committees will meet to develop the comprehensive watershed management plan for the Lower St. Croix Watershed.

For more information on the 1W1P for the Lower St. Croix Watershed, please visit www.lsc1w1p.org.  View the Fact Sheet on the Lower St. Croix 1W1P.  Or, contact Susanna Wilson Witkowski at 651-213-8380 or by email.

Chisago County Water Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Water Plan is to set Chisago County watershed priorities. Chisago County and other local units of government will use these priorities to obtain resources to protect, improve, and conserve the lakes, rivers, wetlands, and groundwater in Chisago County.

This is a 10 year plan that will be in effect through 2023. The county formed Policy and Technical Teams to help prepare the Water Plan. They put in over a year and a half of significant work developing the Water Plan.

Priority Concerns Scoping Document

As part of the process to create the Water Plan, the Priority Concerns Scoping Document was developed. This document helps define the Water Plan priorities for the next 10 years. There are several attachments that support the Water Plan and Priority Concerns Scoping Document.

Water Plan & Priority Concerns Scoping Attachments


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