Environmental Srvs/Zoning & Parks

  1. Building & Construction Permits

    Learn about the process involved in acquiring a building permit in the county.

  2. Fee Schedule

    Review the fees associated with each service provided through the Environmental Service of Chisago County.

  3. Household Hazardous Waste Information

    Learn about the county's policy on household hazardous waste, and where to bring yours.

  4. Lake Improvement District

    Discover the responsibilities, duties, and programs involved with the Lake Improvement District (LID).

  5. Park Information

    This page allows you to review a map of, and find information on, parks throughout the county.

  6. Parks Hours & Fees

    Find information regarding the hours and fees for various parks throughout the county.

  7. Recreation Activities

    Learn about the different types recreation programs in the county.

  8. Septic Information

    Find resources provided by the county for those needing to work on their septic system.

  9. Shoreland

    Become more familiar with the ordinances involving the county's shoreland.

  10. Solid Waste Enforcement

    The Sheriff's Office Solid Waste Enforcement Division's goal is to help protect the water, air and land in Chisago County.

  11. Trails

    Learn about the different types trails throughout the county.

  12. Waste Disposal & Recycling

    Find out about the efforts taken to keep waste from entering the water resources.

  13. Zoning & Subdivision

    Access zoning maps and information, as well as the Board of Adjustments and Appeals and Planning Commission information.