1. Auctioneer License

    Learn how to get an auctioneer license.

  2. Assistance

    Gather information on how to get general assistance through the county.

  3. Building & Construction Permits

    Find a list of permits related to building and construction in the county.

  4. Child Care License

    Review the process for becoming a child care provider.

  5. Child Support

    View details about child support and what the county can do to help.

  6. County Licenses

    Obtain a list of general business county licenses.

  7. Demolition Permit

    Peruse information about building and construction permits.

  8. Driver's License

    Review how to obtain your license for driving.

  9. Driveway Permit on a County Road

    Read about driveway access in the county.

  10. Driveway Permit on a Township Road

    Find the information required at the time of permit application.

  11. Economic Support

    Access details on how to apply for economic support through the county.

  12. Employment

    Peruse details on how to apply for employment with Chisago County.

  13. Fireworks / Pyrotechnic Effects License

    Find information about getting a fireworks or pyrotechnic effects license.

  14. Foster Care Provider

    Browse details and steps on becoming a foster to either an adult or child.

  15. Foster Care Provider Online Video Training - CHILD

    Required Online Video Training for Child Foster Care Providers.

  16. Gun Permit: Carry or Purchase

    Check out information regarding gun permits, for both carrying and purchasing.

  17. Homestead

    Explore details about homesteads.

  18. Liquor License

    Gain details about liquor licenses, which are required if your business serves liquor.

  19. Marriage License & Certificate

    View how to apply for a marriage license and/or certificate.

  20. Notary Public

    Gather details on how to become a certified notary public in the county.

  21. Passport

    Look at the different places you can go to get a passport.

  22. Permission to Carry a Weapon in the Courthouse

    Seek permission to carry a weapon in the courthouse.

  23. Precious Metals License

    Research how to get a license to sell or trade precious metals.

  24. Property Tax Programs

    Get information about the different property tax programs active in the community.

  25. Public Works & Utilities Permits

    Obtain permits for utilities and other public works functions.

  26. Septic Permit

    View information about septic permits and how to obtain one.

  27. Social Services

    Search through the different social services that are available in the community.

  28. Tobacco License

    Review information about tobacco licenses and how to obtain one in order to sell tobacco products.

  29. Vacancies on Committees

    Access the application to fill out if you would like to serve on a county board or committee.

  30. WIC

    Access information on how to apply for the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Program.