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  1. Wondering if your home is a good site for solar energy?

    Click on the Interactive Solar Map link on the right of this page, under Quick Links. Input an address to receive a site rating, with size of system needed, amount of energy generated, approximate cost of system, and number of years for system payback!
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Solar Permitting Information

Residential and  Commercial Building Permits

Solar Gardens

Aurora Solar

North Star Solar

To ensure an immediate and appropriate response to calls and inquiries, North Star asks that initial contact with the project and Site Manager be made through the Swinerton National Operations Center (NOC). The NOC is a 24/7 facility and will appropriately connect individuals and entities to the Site Manager or other project contacts.

Initial and Primary Project Contact:

Swinerton Network Operations Center (SOLV NOC)

Phone:  844-286-1498


Site Manager:

Cliff Schoonmaker

Swinerton Builders

9821 367th Street

North Branch, MN  55056

Phone:  480-271-3407